Mitty Mini Gift Sets

Mitty Minis Gift Sets

Mitty Minis Menorah Gift Set

This set includes eight makeup Mitty Mini’s for eight crazy nights to celebrate Hanukkah with Take My Face Off. Take my face off creates reusable, soft makeup removing Makeup Mitty’s and Makeup Mitty Mini’s that are better for the environment than cotton balls or makeup wipes. It’s the perfect size for traveling and on the go. Price and Availability: $66 at

Mitty Mini Poinsettia Gift Set

This gift set includes 6 white Mitty Mini’s. Each finger mitt has a round side for larger areas and a pointed tip for delicate areas. The mitty mini’s are arranged as petals on the on their yardstick poinsetta tree ornament. It is perfect for removing that holiday makeup. You can use mitty’s in place of washcloths. You can machine or hand wash these with any mild detergent, then tumble or let air dry. Price and availability: $55 at