4 Things I Have Learned from My Daughters

Having my girls Brooklyn and London is easily the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s funny, though. In a way, they have taught me much about the world and life — and far more than you could ever imagine that little kids could influence you. I have a fantastic bond with them that will last with me forever.

Raising kids at any age is hard, so I’m enjoying every moment with them because it is true what people say, “Time goes by too fast.”  I included them in my last photo shoot and they were fantastic. They absolutely loved posing for the camera and took to it like naturals. And I realized that there is so much we take for granted in life.

As I have been reflecting on my time with Brooklyn and London lately, I have some observances:

1. Be Grateful for All of the Little Things

We have a tendency to focus on the larger things in life. Instead, we forget to be grateful for the small things that life affords us. My girls remind me of this when they get excited and filled with joy about the smallest things. It allows me to keep in perspective that we should all enjoy things both big and small. Kids have the ability to focus entirely on the fun of the moment and it’s a trait we should all continue to utilize as adults. Thinking too far ahead or into the past doesn’t help us in the present.


2. Every Day is a New Start

Children do not hold grudges. They wake up every day with a clean slate. They don’t let anything spill over into the next day and neither should you. I have been incorporating this into my life by eliminating the negative energy that sometimes can cloud me.  Life is too short to keep drudging up how someone hurt you or did you wrong in the past. Moving on doesn’t mean forgiveness — but it means you have a better future.

3. Laugh Every Day and Be Silly

One of the best things children can teach adults is to be silly. Brooklyn and London find ways for laughter and fun, no matter what the occasion. It’s a good reminder for us not to take life too seriously. After a stressful day, I usually find myself playing with my kids and having fun with them. They can instantly make my day better. Whether we’re playing some silly game of pretend or just talking about their day, there are so many ways to have fun and just let yourself be a kid again. Playtime isn’t only for the young ones — you deserve to laugh and enjoy yourself every day.

4. The Right Mindset

Watching the kids grow and accomplish all of their firsts in life has been a blessing.  Their young minds are filled with imagination, dreams, curiosity, and wonder.  They make believe they are Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel and they don’t know what failure means.  It reminds me that no dream is too big if I’m willing to work to make it happen. Never let “No” creep into your heart and focus on being the best you can be that day and into the future. You can do whatever you set your mind to!

What have you found your kids have taught you? Please share with us in the comments below.