7 Simple Tips to Start Your Day Off Right

With school starting back up again I always really try to get myself organized at the start of each day. With two toddlers at home, things can get a little hectic and it’s nice to have a routine to launch the day as smoothly as possible.

I don’t have as much time to get ready as I used to pre-kids, and many times that just means I don’t look as put together as I might like. But I have picked up a few tips along the way which help us get out the door on time and looking our best without spending hours to look stunning every morning.

Two Gorgeous Young Girls in Fashion


Do It Ahead of Time

So many times you can’t actually avoid doing things or pass off the task to someone else. But you can do some things at more opportune times, allowing you to be less rushed in the mornings. For example, I highly recommend doing as much as you can the night before to prepare your family and yourself for the following day.


  1. Plan your outfits the night before — I always get my kids outfits ready the night before. And I get down to the nitty gritty too. I mean everything including shoes, socks, and underwear. I even plan my outfit the night before even if it is just yoga pants and a tank top. I am the type of person that needs everything laid out. If it’s not, I get frazzled.
  2. Meal prep for pets the night before — I always have my dogs food made the night before. She’s an English Bulldog who is on a specific diet and takes a bunch of supplements. If I have everything ready to go for her in the morning, it makes the routine go more quickly and I never question if I’ve missed a pill or not.
  3. Prepare snacks and food for kids the night before — I have the kids snacks prepped and already in their backpacks. I also have their cups out next to their backpack ready to be filled.
  4. Review your schedule — It’s always good to prioritize your time. Look at your schedule before the day arrive and see what appointments, errands and other things you have on the horizon that you can prepare yourself and prioritize your day.

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Morning Tips

Those hours in the morning between when you rise and head out the door are so fleeting and precious. Here are a few ways you can make the most of those morning moments:


  1. Be an early riser — I always wake up earlier than my kids so I can wash my face and get myself ready before I wake them up. It’s nice to have a jump on the day and I can have a little quiet time for myself before I get the day going. If you’re not a morning person, that’s ok. But even 10 or 15 minutes in the morning to yourself can make a difference.
  2. Try makeup shortcuts — Instead of doing your full makeup before hitting the bus stop or car line maybe just throw on some mascara. I have eyelash extensions so I don’t have to do anything in the mornings. But you might also find yourself a five-minute makeup routine if you always find yourself short on time. I always keep a lipstick in my bag in case I ever need it for touchups. But don’t drive and apply makeup – it’s not safe, ladies!
  3. Involve your kids — Sometimes when the girls aren’t going to school, I involve them when I am getting ready. While I am doing my makeup, I usually do theirs as well and they love it. Involving them when I am getting ready just makes it a little bit easier to juggle everyone at once. As they get older, give them tasks to complete as well which help them prepare themselves for the day.

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Don’t Worry We’ve all Been There

I used to be the type of person that really cared how put together I looked. I’ve moved much of my focus on getting my two girls ready now and just work on the bare minimum if it’s a matter of getting them to school on time or not.

Literally, I have shown up to school and the gym with my shirt and yoga pants inside out. No one even noticed.

You just have to worry less about it. I feel like we’ve all been there at some point with kids. Everyone says that kids grow up so fast that you just kind of have to embrace this time — they’ll be grown up and independent before you know it.

Hopefully these tips can help make getting ready a little bit easier.  Share in the comments section any tips you do to get the kids out the door on time!