All You Need to Know About Organizing your Closet

My life is so much better when I organize my closet. It feels like a weight has been lifted from me. Do you ever get that feeling?


We moved into a new home over a year ago and knew I needed to get my closet organized to help my transition smoother. My friend referred me to her organizer whom she raved about how much help the organizer had been. The organizer, Carina, helped me pick apart my closet and going through things I didn’t wear anymore. It felt so good to purge the clothes that have been sitting there, barely or ever worn.

One of the first tips Carina gave to me was to the same type of hanger for every article of clothing. She recommended velvet hangers because they save so much space in your closet. Since I started using these hangers, I have so much room in my closet now. Here is the link to the black hangers I used:

I set up my closet organizing by color and how casual or dressy my clothes are. I keep dressy shirts together and casual tops right below them. I have all my jackets organized by color and material. I also have my dresses organized from casual to classy.

I try to organize my shoes by color and whether or not they are open toe.

I try to go through my closet every couple of months to see if there is anything I should donate or keep. I always ask myself, “When is the last time I wore this?”  It helps me make my decision regarding whether I should keep something or not.

How do you organize your closet? When is the last time you did a purge?