Balancing Workouts with Kids

Staying in shape is definitely a priority for me. Balancing staying in shape and being a mom certainly takes an extra effort – but it’s so worth it!

Here are some tips I’ve learned for balancing the two.

First is booking classes in advance. I’ve recently started doing group classes and I find that they really push me. I try to get in a few each week. Right now, I have been really into Pilates. I like to schedule everything out especially now that season is starting here in Naples. It’s a little bit easier now that both girls are in school. When I book my classes in advance, I can plan my schedule around them and I am more likely to force myself to go, too.

One of the hardest things as a mom is that you think you always have to get in this long workout if you want it to be effective. There’s just not always time for that and there are tons of alternatives. Don’t let yourself make excuses! If I know I can’t make a class I will find other options to stay active. Luckily, I have a Peloton bike so I can just hop on that to take a class. Other times, I will just take the kids for a walk in the jogger or do something active with them outside. There are also tons of great videos and courses online that you can try.

And a big one – don’t be afraid to ask for help. I feel like this takes a while for everyone to get. I know this took me awhile. It’s just so important to ask for help. Staying in shape just really helps my sanity but also it’s something I need to do daily to feel my best. It’s my alone time or my break. I am someone that battles anxiety and I find working out has really helped. When I start to notice results it definitely helps me stay motivated.

Include the kids if you have them or other family members. On the weekends, my husband and I really like to keep my kids active. We usually go swimming or play soccer with them. I also try to include them in some of my workouts. It’s so funny because they love doing squats and usually try to copy what I am doing.

How do you balance both being a mom and finding time to workout? Leave your comments below.