Camisoles and Bodysuits – 8 Stylish Updates for Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love the cooler weather and being able to throw on a jacket (which is not very often in Florida). We have noticed some cooler temps creeping in lately (below 80 is cool for us at this time of year) and a milder breeze blowing across the beaches these days. So I thought it would be the perfect time to bring the subject in case you are starting to do some fall shopping.

In this post, I am going to share some of my favorites pieces that will be the perfect updates for your fall wardrobe  — and won’t require you to spend a lot of money or add a new wing to your closet. 



Layering is just a classic styling tip. The latest piece you should add to your wardrobe for layering is a camisole. You can wear it under a sheer top or put it over a white t-shirt. I personally love wearing a camisole with a pair of jeans or even throwing a cute blazer over it. 

Camisoles have quite a long history. Modern-day camisoles come from the historic chemise. Chemises were specifically used as undergarments and always worn under clothing. During the Renaissance period, the corset became a must-have fashion item, and it was worn under the chemise. But many long chemise did not hide the corset well so women needed to find a different option.

Then in the Victorian era, came the camisole. Women could hide their corsets without adding the weight. Camisoles were able to hide the corset and kept the illusion of being thin. All the sudden chemise were out and camisoles became the must-have item. 

Corsets were phased out and not used in the 20th century due to health concerns. Women actually started to become more athletic and naturally slender. Teddies became popular because it was a camisole and bloomers combined into one piece.

Until the 1920’s when the teddy became divided into a two piece set. Since the 1920’s, the camisole has switched from an undergarment to being an outer garment of clothing which is worn under jackets, suits and more.



Bodysuits are also really popular right now and have been on trend for a couple of seasons now. They make dressing so easy and are just effortless. They can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts, and more.

Bodysuits really started with athletic apparel for sports such as gymnastics and ballet. The version of the bodysuit worn today is a leotard. A bodysuit was first invented by French gymnast named Jules Leotard. Leotards invention was a hit right away. Athletes and performers needed to be able to move with ease. Athletes needed clothing that wouldn’t prevent them from performing well. 

In the 20th century, ballet dancers started wearing leotards also. Leotards began to cross over into the fashion world in the 1940’s. Designers began creating their own leotards as just easy pieces to incorporate into their wardrobe. In the 1950’s bodysuits became less popular. But in the 1970’s bodysuits improved in quality because designers were using nylon and spandex. Jane Fonda actually made the leotard and tights popular. (I remember her workout videos because I used to do them with my mom when I was young). Soon companies like Capezio began adding bodysuits to their lines.

Bodysuits are being sold everywhere by both low and high retailers. Below are some Bodysuits you should check out. Or try this one from Blue and Cream




Do you prefer camisoles or bodysuits? What are your favorite brands? Leave a comment below and share