Why I Love CycleBar Naples

One of my favorite physical exercises is spinning.  As you have seen from previous posts, I consider myself a Peloton junkie (www.peloton.com).  While I try to exercise every day, sometimes the thought of training at home lessens the excitement of being in a spin class.  Luckily, this past December, Cyclebar opened in Naples, FL.  Part of my obsession with spinning is I have had constant back problems and spinning puts limited stress on your joints and back, but most importantly it is an excellent way to burn calories FAST!  I have become very competitive in these classes as I strive to rank #1 each time and when I don’t, it has motivated me to come back to the next class and “ride” to the top of the class.


History of CycleBar

From their website:

In 2004, Bill Pryor and his sister Alex Klemmer decided to create one of the first independent cycling studios in the country in their Boston neighborhood. Both Bill, then a corporate executive, and Alex, a stay-at-home mom, recognized that there were three key ingredients to a successful indoor cycling experience: great instructors, great music, and a great environment. They opened their first dedicated studio a year later and have been perfecting their high-energy, cycling- focused concept ever since. Now, ten years later, Pryor and Klemmer have partnered with like-minded fitness enthusiasts to allow others to experience and benefit from the CycleBar experience.

CycleBar’s Mission:

  • Create a fun and accessible experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Ensure every CycleBar ride is an unparalleled multisensory, intoxicating journey.
  • Hire and retain the very best people.
  • Fuel each ride with amazing music, energy-enhancing video graphics and rider-specific performance data in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre™.
  • Deliver concierge-level service and an exhilarating experience that goes far beyond a great cardio fitness workout.
  • Rock the ride, each and every time.

Benefits of Spinning

There are so many benefits of spinning. For one, it burns over 600 calories in a 45-minute session, depending on the level of exertion. You can burn more calories spinning than most other forms of cardio exercise. It also improves your lung and heart health, increases core strength, tones your muscles, and increases your stamina. Plus, spinning is a wonderful stress reliever and it’s easy on your joints.

Variety of Classes at CycleBar

  • Classic- This ride has something for everyone. It’s a mix of strength, endurance, hills, and drills.
  • Performance- A ride that motivates you with CycleStats technology, group challenges, and rider competitions.
  • Connect- The video monitors are turned off until the end of class, and you just tune into the beats.
  • Themed Rides- Every ride is a party!
  • Private Events- Book the entire studio, including your own very own cycle instructor, for a private event for your team, friends, or charity event.
  • CycleTheatre– It holds up to 55 bikes, two large flat screen TVs, personal data monitors, and state of the art audio, visual, and lighting technology that create a multisensory experience.

About Jake Maulin, Co-Owner of Cyclebar Naples

Jake Maulin and his wife Holly own the CycleBar Naples studio. Jake began his CycleBar premium indoor cycling experience in Wellesley, MA, a suburb of Boston. As one of the top CycleStars, he consistently sells out classes. Jake began training and recruiting CycleStars in the Boston area. Jake joined the CycleBar National Master Training team approximately a year ago and has been a huge asset.

Jake believes that everything we do in cycle class has a distinct purpose. The music, the choreography, lighting, vocal tone, and motivational messaging invoke emotions that drive riders to fitness levels they never knew they had. Jake teaches heart-pounding, calorie-melting, dance party cycling classes that become addicting. Jake is always moving forward, always giving back, and always learning.

Jake began his CycleBar career in Boston, when he left his restaurant business to become a fitness professional. Shortly after leaving his restaurants, Jake experienced quick success. He was featured in the Boston Magazine and the Boston Herald, achieving local celebrity status. Jake’s class was described by the Herald, “as a heart-pounding, calorie-melting, dance party that leaves you breathless and addicted.”

Jake is always giving back. Last year he raised over $50,000 between CycleBar CycleGiving brand and his own foundation, “TriJake Gives Back.” In 2014, he took up ultra-marathon racing. Jake is always up for a challenge, and always seeking to raise the bar at CycleBar.

Visit CycleBar Naples and see for yourself why it’s so great! You can purchase class packages here, and you can always come in for a drop-in. Hope to see you there!