Places I Shop for my Girls

The places I tend to shop for my girls are Little Luxe in Naples, Amazon, Target, and Zara.

  • Little Luxe is a luxury children’s boutique in Naples. They carry runway-inspired styles for kids. I usually get the girls special occasion dresses. I also get the girls their Mini Melissa and Native shoes there.
  • Amazon is always great because I can always find one of my favorite clothing brands for the girls called Pippa and Julie.I always get Pippa and Julie on Amazon because you can find amazing deals. I love Pippa and Julie because the quality of the clothes are great and you can wash and dry them.
  • Target is great for clothing and bathing suits. The girls are growing so fast that I am constantly having to get them new clothes. Living in Florida my girls bathing suits wear so quickly because we are in the pool all of the time. Everything is so cute and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them.
  • Zara has the cutest clothes for girls. They have so many cute things I event want to wear myself. You definitely can’t beat their prices!

These are my top four places to shop for my girls — share your favorite places to shop in the comments below.