Roses that Last a Year from Venus ET Fleur

Do you love roses? I would surround myself with fresh roses all the time if I could.

But if you’re like me, you also love the beauty of roses, but not their lifespan. It seems that no matter what, roses are incredibly difficult to maintain. But I have a secret to share — you don’t have to worry about that anymore with real roses that last a year from Venus ET Fleur. They specialize in luxury boxed roses that can last more than a year with proper care. They are real and made from real Ecuadorian roses.

These roses make great gifts. I get my mom and mother-in-law these flowers for birthdays or Mother’s Day. They have a range of arrangement sizes from mini to the large collection with 42 roses. For Teacher Appreciation Day, I ordered the mini single rose, and they absolutely loved it. You can choose a pre-arranged box or design your own custom arrangement. My husband never used to get me flowers because they would always die after a couple of days. Now, he has no excuse not to!

How Venus ET Fleur Started

Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal were dating long-distance. Sunny ordered roses for Seema on Valentine’s Day to express his love while they were so far apart from each other. It turns out, the quality of the roses was incredibly disappointing. Seema appreciated the gesture, but this experience made them realize that there was a need in the floral industry for better quality and more stylish and elegant flowers. This was the start of their vision for Venus et Fleur.

This is their Love Story from their website:

During the precious early stages of a budding romance, Sunny Chadha arranged for Seema Bansal to receive what was meant to be a luxurious and elegant bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day – only to find that the flowers were of subpar quality and uninspired aesthetics. While Seema was truly appreciative of the gesture, they both suddenly realized that there was a necessity in the floral industry for impeccable arrangements that exuded elegance and style.

That tender gesture and the following sudden strike of artistic vision would become the birth of Venus ET Fleur®. 

With the Roman goddess Venus, representative of luxury, attraction, romance, and individuality, as their muse and inspiration, Sunny and Seema set out to provide floral arrangements that would truly make a lasting impression. They scoured far and wide for flowers that would meet their understandably lofty standards. That search for the most beautiful and pristine flowers brought them to Ecuador, where they become enthralled by the lush and vibrant regional rose fields. And it was then that they developed the proprietary treatment that become key to Venus ET Fleur’s renowned Eternity™ Rose Collection – opulent and picturesque arrangements that can maintain their freshness and elegance for up to a year.

How the Eternity Roses are Made

The eternity roses start their journey in Ecuador. Once they reach their peak bloom, the roses are shipped to the Venus ET Fleur facility located in New York. Then once they get to New York, the roses then go to a proprietary solution and pigmentation process to preserve them. This preservation process transforms roses to be long-lasting, and they can maintain their freshness for more than a year when properly maintained.

Here are some tips for caring for your roses:

  • Don’t water them
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not remove roses from their box

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Special Collections

Venus ET Fleur offers many limited edition beautiful collections. The lush Velvet Collection is inspired by rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, and will surely make a statement. The Cruelty-Free Leather Collection offers a minimalistic design with the cruelty free embossed leather boss. The gorgeous Metallic Collection boasts rose gold, traditional gold, silver, and pearl sheen roses that are perfect for home or a special occasion.

Have you ever received these roses before? Share your thoughts below. 

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