Sequins: On Trend for Fall

A big trend this fall is sequins, and I am loving this look! During 2018 spring’s New York Fashion Week, sequins were very big. And Fall 2018 runways are full of sequin looks inspired by the 80s. You know what they say – fashion always make a comeback! Sequins have definitely made a huge comeback in the form of jackets, shirts, shoes, and dresses.

When most people think of sequins, they think of special occasions such as New Year’s Eve. But sequins aren’t just for evenings and events. People are wearing sequins as daytime looks too. Daywear with sequins in brands like Juicy Couture and French Connection are hot right now. You can even wear sequins to the office! And why not? A sequin pencil skirt is amazing fashionable and professional at the same time. Sequins are a bold statement for sure, but they are also incredibly trendy.

I already have a sequin jacket, shirt, and glitter shoes. I just love this Natesa sequin top in brushed blue, and it also comes in silver/white. It looks great with skinny jeans and heels. And I also love my denim and sequin Nanopo jacket. It’s stylish, trendy, and versatile!



The History of Sequins

Sequins have been around longer than you think. The fashion statement can be traced back to King Tut. When his tomb was discovered, historians noted that his garments were covered in gold disks that looked like sequins, which were meant to ensure his financial stability in the afterlife. The word sequin is derived from an Arabic word sikka, which means coin. These coin-like discs were made of gold and other precious metals and were sewn onto clothing to express status symbol.

Sequins began to appear on women’s and men’s intricate Victorian garments in the 1920s. Sequin dresses were popular in the roaring 20s. Unfortunately, sequins were made out of gelatin then, and they melted easily. This was not good news for flappers who wore their best sequined dresses in the warm weather. If they got too hot from doing the Charleston, the sequins melted. Talk about a fashion faux pas! Herbert Lieberman invented acetate sequins to help with the problem, but it wasn’t until they were made out of plastic that they held their own. And of course, sequins were extremely popular in the 80s. Perhaps one of the most popular looks was the one-shoulder sequin mini dress.



Trendy Sequin Choices

Today, sequined looks have evolved into timeless, stylish, and fun fashion pieces that are extremely popular this fall season. You can even find some elegant sequin pieces like this Selene Velvet-Striped Sequined Dress from REISS. This stunning look combines sequin stripes with velvet strips and makes a lustrous addition to your evening-ready rotation.

Ideally, you can have a few sequined statement pieces in your wardrobe. For a cool retro 80s look, consider The Kooples Sequined Bomber Jacket. Perfect for casual outfits, it looks great with a plain white tee or tank. Or dress it up by pairing it with a black mini skirt and silver accessories. A statement from every angle, this festive turtleneck shell top from Tibi is adorned with flashy metallic sequins. And this Title Roll Sequined Off-the-Shoulder Top by Bailey 44 looks great paired with skinny jeans and a chunky sweater for a fashionable fall outfit.

Have you given in to the sequin look? What are your favorites?