The Best Product for Second Day Hair

For me, it’s always a struggle to find time to do my hair. Even my friends will compliment each other on our hair and our response is, “Thanks, I washed my hair today”.

My hair always seems to look good the first day and then the next day it falls flat. I was at a blow-dry bar in Naples and the stylist was telling me about this new product from Oribe that just came out. It’s called the Mystify Restyling Spray.

This product helps to prolong your hairstyle and also helps to protect your hair. It helps to reactivate the products you used in your hair the day before to restyle while protecting your hair from heat damage. 

I love this product for whenever I do beach waves to my hair. All I have to do is spray it in my hair a couple of times and just scrunch my hair and I’m ready. Before I discovered this product, I was constantly fixing my hair with my flat iron or my wand which is so damaging. I have definitely seen a difference in my hair since using this product.

Just to show you how much I love it, here is a picture of me with second-day hair. What do you think?

Have you tried this product yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.