Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

March is the perfect time to give your closet a little refresh for the warmer months ahead. Lately, I have been starting to keep less in my closet because it makes it much easier when I have fewer items to choose from. I find it’s much simpler for picking my day-to-day outfits without sorting through lots of things which are outdated, don’t look right on me, or are worn out or soiled.

This isn’t necessarily a task I look forward to because it’s difficult to choose what to keep and what to toss. But since I’ve done it several times now, I have come up with a few tips when it comes to cleaning out the closet.

Keep Everything Organized

Your closet should be organized by categories. Also, I try to organize everything by color. Group all of your t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses together to see what you have too much or too little. I keep my jeans together as well and even have them organized by color.



Toss anything you haven’t worn in over a year. I make two piles when I am going through my closet (donate or sell). Ask yourself why you are holding onto it if you find something you have second thoughts about.

Question yourself:” Do I like it? When is the last time I wore this? Can I see myself wearing it again? Does it look good on me?”

If I am on the fence about donating or selling it but can’t make up my mind, I give myself a couple of days to wear it. Then if I still don’t wear it, I make the decision to donate or sell it at a consignment shop or website like The RealReal.


No Anxiety

I know cleaning out your closet can create a lot of anxiety. It’s tough to think about getting rid of some of your stuff. But I can assure you the feeling you have after purging is amazing. It’s a fresh start in a way. I can get ready much faster when I have less to choose from. I also end up finding I don’t even miss the pieces I have purged as much as I thought I would.



Having the right hangers in your closet can make the biggest difference. I switched over to velvet hangers and they have created so much space in my closet because they aren’t big and bulky. All of my hangers are all black so everything is the same which makes my closet look so much neater. I take pride in my closet and how organized I keep it.

How do you feel about cleaning out your closet? Have you done a spring cleaning yet this year?